RedDust Ficus Nursery

RedDust Ficus Nursery in Phoenix, AZ

Based in Phoenix, AZ, RedDust Ficus Nursery is a small business providing several horticultural services and products. Since its founding, the organization has established working relationships with several landscaping companies throughout the region. RedDust Ficus Nursery offers a reliable inventory and a number of drought-resistant landscaping design ideas.

Founded in January, 2021, by chief executive officer and environmental science advocate Kristiana Moore, RedDust Ficus Nursery carries more than 400 species of shrubs and trees. Along with numerous ficus species, the nursery houses various cacti and succulents. These and other plants can be found throughout RedDust Ficus’ 5-acre property, which is managed by Ms. Moore and her staff of eight.

In addition to working with Phoenix, AZ, landscaping firms, the nursery has established affiliations with industry and environmental organizations such as the Arizona Nursery Organization, the Arizona Native Plant Society, and the Arizona Wilderness Coalition. RedDust Ficus Nursery also supports The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit established in 1951 with a goal of conserving lands and waters around the world.

RedDust Ficus Nursery

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